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Join us on our journey to help provide greater access to nutrition education, leadership and physical fitness programs across the USA, while introducing one of the largest team sports played by 20 million people in over 70 countries – Netball, a non-contact sport, with over 20 million participants in 70 countries.

Netball America is looking for athletes from all sports codes

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Come along to our venue in New York for weekend session June 3rd and 4th.  No prior experience necessary.

Netball America is the leading authority on Netball in the United States.  Scroll Down for latest news….

Our aim is to encourage children and families to be physically active, maintain a healthy lifestyle and includes those with disabilities to ensure they feel part of their community.  We have made it our long-term commitment to improve the lives of many individuals while helping fight childhood obesity and bulling, and creating healthy role models for today’s youth.  Our efforts have  helped over 15,000 ‘at-risk’ and disabled youth across America. 

Why Netball?  Although Netball has its roots stemming from the original women’s basketball, today it has significant differences and benefits: a non-contact sport (players must defend the ball from a distance of 3 feet, and no defending of the player is allowed), boys and girls and men and women can play on the same team or against each other given it is non-contact, it is a true team sport (players are restricted to zones and must pass the ball to their teammates in order to move the ball down the court), no backboard (so shooters develop great hand/eye coordination), no stealing the ball is allowed, and no dribbling, plus it doesn’t matter the size or fitness level there is a position on court for everyone.





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USA University National Netball Team ranked 7th in the FISU World University Netball Rankings.  Catch up on all the replay action for free.  Visit for more information.

U.S. Open 2016 was held in Los Angeles, November 4-6, 2016 and was sold out with 30 Netball Teams.  Event included clinics by Netball legend Vicki Wilson, OAM and International Umpire Clare McCabe. 

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The new rules of netball are here.

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What We Do

Netball America (501c3 not-for-profit), is the leading authority of Netball in the USA. We are focused on showing how Netball creates an exciting atmosphere of participation and supports individual progress, team unity, good health and education of youth. Netball America seeks to have Netball included as part of the core curriculum for educational systems throughout the USA as a way of promoting good health and aiding in the education of youth.  We run free clinics and education programs throughout the USA with the aim of getting the youth moving; reducing obesity; providing opportunities to underserved youth; as well as allow people with and without disabilities to participate in these programs together.

Netball is a team orientated sport, well suited to every ability level, played at any age by both males and females. It is a cost-effective sport to implement and maintain. You can learn more about Netball by watching videos here.  We use sports as a tool for addressing the critical issues facing under-resourced youth, including childhood obesity, academic failure, and anti-social behavior.

Who We Are

Youth Enrichment Initiatives

Youth EnrichmentNetball America‚Äôs Be An Inspiration Program is designed to unlock the potential of children and provide them with opportunities to learn about health education; anti-bullying; participate in fitness programs; and develop leadership and communication skills while being part of a team.  The Women’s Sports Foundation GoGirlGo! curriculum is a key part of Be an Inspiration, that is currently being rolled out to ‘at-risk’ youth across the USA.  We are also an official partner with the President’s Challenge Program and have incorporated the President’s Active Lifestyle Award and the ‘I Can Do It You Can Do It’ programs.  The participants receive a certificate signed by the President.

US Educational Curriculums

Schools and Universities Netball America is the driving force behind Netball being included in core education curriculums in the United States, includes universities, schools, and community centers. We present at teacher conferences and conduct clinics for schools, universities and teachers.  We are currently working with Miami-Dade County Publics Schools, New York City Public Schools as well as the New Hampshire School District.  Our programs are also being rolled out to the New York City Housing Community Centers and various Parks & Recs and YMCAs.

World Class Events

Netball America was the host of the 2016 FISU World University Netball Championship held right here in the USA!  Netball America sets and maintains standards by which the game is developed, managed and played throughout the USA. As the governing body for the Official USA Netball University Team, the Disney International Youth Tournament, as well as the World Netball Festival, we ensure our athletes, coaches, & umpires are provided with world class opportunities. Representative teams also perform at prestigious venues such as Disney Orlando, Madison Square Garden and STAPLES Center.

Special Needs Programs

The introduction of Netball to Special Need Programs will dramatically increase inclusion in the community by helping break down barriers that have historically kept people with and without cognitive disabilities apart. As Netball is an all inclusive sport, a wide range of positions allows different skills and abilities to be well catered for. Netball America recently showcased Netball at the Special Olympics Texas Summer Games.

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