Board of Directors

Sonya Ottaway, President and Co-Founder

Sonya’s passion is in helping others and changing lives and one way she is achieving this is by introducing programs across the USA to inspire and help underserved youth and adults.  To ensure support of these programs nationally Sonya has for the first time introduced Netball to key partners such as the President’s Lifestyle Challenge Award, The Women’s Sports Foundation and ESPNW and their Sports 4 Life Program.  Netball inspired her to achieve Netball history with Netball being showcased at STAPLES Center and Madison Square Garden to over 30,000 basketball fans.   Along with this achievement Netball America has been the first to introduce Netball education programs into the US education curriculum at Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Florida, New Hampshire Schools, NYC Public Schools and NYC Housing Authority community centers.  Sonya recently was the finalist for Global Advance Australian of the Year, LA Business Journal Awards finalist for Women Making A Difference, and received the Happy Charity Action Award in Washington D.C..

Sonya leads a team of over 50 volunteers across the globe and she believes in doing things radically different from others.  Her nickname is ‘Captain MIH’ (Make It Happen).  Sonya has a spirit for adventure and even in her early teenage years her dad wrote her a song titled ‘Sonya fits 36hrs into 1 day’.  Her adventures have taken her all over the world, from competing in the World Hapkido Championships in Busan South Korea and training with the monks in the South Korean mountains, to swimming with the Great White Sharks in South Africa to scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, riding Arabian horses throughout Egypt to riding Oxen in Thailand, and driving Formula 1 in Las Vegas to cascading down 300 foot waterfalls in the Mexican Sierras.

As a Netball player, Sonya represented the USA on an International level for 5 years and holds an ‘A’ Badge in Umpiring. Sonya is also a certified Chartered Accountant, an Information Systems Auditor and holds a Bachelor of Business, with Distinction.  Sonya serves on the Australian American Association Los Angeles Committee, is the SoCal rep. for the American Women’s Self Defense Association and is on the Board of Total Protection Solutions Inc. and the Opportunity League USA.


Ros Day, Director

Ros has served as our VP of Education since 2008 and given her vision and success in bringing in key partnerships and sponsorships for Netball America, accepted a Board position in 2012.  Ros owned one of the most successful printing businesses in Houston and her experience has helped Netball America grow tremendously.  Ros also previously served 3 years as VP of Netball Alberta and has coached, umpired, and competed as a provincial player. She also held the role of School Clinics Coordinator where she ran ‘Teach the Teacher’ clinics, Netball 101 programs and developed summer camp programs. Ros holds a Level One NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program), A Badge USA Umpire and has over 35 years of Netball experience in a variety of countries including USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Europe.  Ros leads the highly successful Disney International Youth Tournament – next one being held in Orlando in October 2017.

Steve Anderson, Director and Co-Founder

As an American, Steve is passionate about introducing Netball and the benefits it offers to Americans.  He loves the fact that it is a true team sport in that you can’t have an individual playing alone, and that the ball must be passed between players, with only 3 seconds to pass the ball.

Steve is the Manager of GOLFTEC Huntington Beach with over 13 years experience in the sporting industry and leverages this experience to ensure Netball America tournament are conducted in line with high standards.  Steve was a Physics major at UCSB and holds an Associates of Draft and Design Degree.


Sarah Attwood, Director

Sarah has served on the Executive Team of Netball America since 2010 and is part of the Texas Netball Association and is promoting netball across the USA.   She has over 20 years experience in the pharma/biotech/medical device arena and is currently the Director of Business Development for IntegReview IRB, a independent ethical review board that reviews/approves research projects in the U.S, Canada, Latin America and Japan. Sarah received full accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program (AAHRPP) in June 2007.

Tony headshotAs a President of District Operations for one of the world’s largest insurance companies, Tony has an extensive skillset from organizational development, recruiting, sales, marketing to product development.  Tony’s passion is to make Netball America a household name with every kid across America being provided the opportunities to be a part of one of the many programs Netball America provides.


IMG_54361Jo’s vision is to take Netball in the USA to the next level.  Her sales and advertising background is helping the team to focus on new visionary ideas.  Jo was head coach for the Los Angeles Waves Netball Club  2004-2010. As a player, she represented the USA at various International Netball Games since 2004 and currently holds her A Badge in umpiring.  Jo has been fortunate to play in the USA representative west coast team that played at STAPLES Center and Madison Square Garden.

Jo has over over 16 years of International Sales and Advertising experience, holding positions such as Managing Director of Phoenix Advertising in the UK.  Jo is a California Real Estate agent focusing on investment properties and has degrees in Administration to Justice, Psychology and Health.

Moreen Logsdon

Moreen’s dedication is to ensure Netball America’s policies and procedures are in line with appropriate regulations and other global netball entities.  Moreen is Vice President of Enterprise Business Solutions in Nashville with W Squared and is a former police officer.  Moreen represented the USA in Netball for 2 years and is responsible for the founding of the Nashville Kangaroos Netball Club.


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