Welcome to Netball America.  We are the powerhouse behind efforts to introduce Netball into the USA.  Through membership, you will gain access to the resources you need and connect to a national movement – working together to advance Netball.

Netball America membership connects you and your Netball club to global leading resources for Netball.  We are a diverse community of peers, practioners and experts who are dedicated to raising the bar, advancing Netball, supporting success, and creating a future for American youth to put American Netball on the map.

Your overall membership ensures the continued growth of USA Netball, helps gain recognition of Netball in the American market with sponsors and helps us attain more grant funding.  This is the bigger picture as to how your membership helps.  100% of all proceeds go back into our programs that run across the USA.

For questions about your membership

– Email:
– Phone: +18882213650

Your membership includes these benefits and much more:

  • Connection
    • To other members.  Includes the ability to promote to clubs and recruit them to attend your events.
    • Provide your club with new players and new connections to grow your club.
    • To new sponsors.
    • Monthly newsletter filled with timely, substantive content.  Free promotion of your club and events in this newsletter.
    • Ability to have your tournaments and events promoted through our social media platforms.
    • Have a regional representative appointed for your area, so you can have access to a direct line to feedback needs and ideas for Netball America.
    • Providing to members opportunities to obtain free product and sponsor connections.
  • Membership Model
    • Design a membership model to meet your needs.
    • Assistance to help setup new clubs.  This includes mentors, creation of logos, website, recruitment of players etc.
    • Free access to our professional graphic designer.  One professional free flyer creation per year, to help you promote your program.  Additional flyers available at a reduced rate.
    • Ability to help members with purchase of equipment, including design and discounted rates for purchasing netball uniforms.  100% of proceeds from purchases goes back into the membership programs.
    • Netball America dedicated travel agent to help your club obtain the cheapest rates for flights, hotels and transportation to any event.  They can also assist with your vacation travel.
    • Substantial member-only discounts for resources, services and events, including the U.S. Open of Netball.  Also, discounts on your trophies and medals order from our official trophy supplier.
    • Ability to save your club money by participating in our national insurance program for athletes.
  • Influence and Clout
    • Effect change and advocate for funding.  More members equal great clout.
    • Ability to promote high profile netball events and have your club associated with these – such as Disney International Youth Tournament, World University Netball Championship, U.S. Open of Netball.
    • Ability to use our global and national statistics and our social media to help promote / attain local club sponsors.
    • Our team is writing grants year round for your regions.
    • Opportunity to participate in key programs such as the – Sports 4 Life, GoGirlGo! and Presidential Active Lifestyle Award.  The curriculums will be provided to your club free of charge.
  • Advance the Field
    • Ability to utilize our not-for-profit status (501c3) in order to obtain donations for your club.
    • Help grow members in your current club and grow finances by participating in fun and easy fundraising activities.
    • Offer clinics to enhance player, coaches and umpire abilities.
    • Help you with your tournaments to ensure they are in line with leading standards.
    • Year-round opportunities to earn professional education credits in umpiring and coaching.
    • Ability to have your members participate in the USA Netball Representative Teams.
  • Career Connections
    • Opportunities to apply for paid and un-paid positions within the organization.
    • Plenty of volunteer opportunities to obtain experience at a national/international level.  Looks great on the resume, and we have been references for many individuals who have successfully obtained employment.
    • Ability to participate in our internship program.
  • Professional Advancement.
    • Online Netball development opportunities, such as the coaching and umpiring e-learning programs (to be released in 2016).
    • We provide world class umpiring and coaching clinics using well renown and qualified international coaches and umpires.  As members you are able to attend these clinics free of charge.
    • Opportunity to host events in your area, such as the U.S. Open of Netball.


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