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georgia website pic1Netball America, is the leading authority on Netball in the USA, is dedicated to the development and growth of Netball in the USA. We are focused on showing how Netball creates an exciting atmosphere of participation and supports individual progress, team unity, good health and education of youth. Netball America seeks to have Netball included as part of the core curriculum for educational systems throughout the USA as a way of promoting good health and aiding in the education of youth.

We run various clinics and education programs throughout the USA with the aim of getting the youth moving; reducing obesity; providing opportunities to underserved youth; as well as allow people with and without disabilities to participate in these programs together.  The empowerment of youth is one of the most effective ways to achieve higher economic growth and better living standards among the millions of at risk youth in our nation.  


Our programs focus on:

  • increase participation and retention of African-American and Hispanic girls ages 7-18, in developmental youth sports , leadership and education programs
  • through education, public awareness and workshops, seeks to effect improvement to the overall health and development of girls in communities, through the GoGirlGo! program
  • provide programs to special needs individuals along with regular individuals, to help them feel a part of their community.
  • introduce our programs, including the globally popular sport of Netball into schools, community centers, YMCAs, parks and recreation programs.
  • provide adult and junior netball leagues around the nation
  • host world class netball events

Netball is a team orientated sport, well suited to every ability level, played at any age by both males and females. It is a cost-effective sport to implement and maintain. You can learn more about Netball by watching videos here.

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