Who We Are

Netball America (also operating as USA Netball, Netball USA and World University Netball 2016, as registered in the State of Tennessee) is a group of passionate, committed individuals from across the USA who, together, share the common belief that Netball is a vehicle for the promotion of participation, individual progress, team unity, good health and education of youth.

Netball America is a national not-for-profit (501c3) membership based association and is the largest body of Netball in the USA with a presence in 31 States and is currently expanding into other States.

People would be surprised to know that Netball has been in the USA for 30 years, however until Netball America came along in 2007 there has been no strategic direction to grow it at the grass roots level.  By doing this, it will give us exposure to potential players at an early age, which is critical if American Netball has any hope of dominating on the international Netball stage.

One of Netball America’s key strategic initiatives is to introduce Netball into core education curriculums.  Part of this program involves working to positively influence the lives of youth through the Netball America Youth Enrichment Initiative. This program helps promote self-confidence, communication skills, teamwork, fitness, health and hygiene.

Netball America was founded in 2007 by four individuals with a common love of Netball wanting to get Americans healthier as well as providing a cost effective option for teachers to implement another sport into their curriculums.

The founders: Steve Anderson, Moreen L ogsdon, Jo O’Key and Sonya Ottaway first met in 2003 through Netball competitions in the USA and abroad. Moreen, Jo and Sonya also represented the USA at various International matches.

What You Can Do:

“It’s gratifying to see another of “our” traditional sports (along with rugby that is) gaining in profile in the United States.”
– The Honorable John Mataira, Consulate General of New Zealand —Los Angeles

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