Education Programs

One of Netball America’s key strategic initiatives is to introduce Netball into core education curriculums within the United States. Netball America has partnered with various national education bodies, school districts, community centers and special olympic associations to provide a safe, stimulating learning environment, both within the classroom and the gym, to be able to introduce and reinforce strong principles that will positively impact community youth.


Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+)

Netball America has partnered with the President’s Challenge Program to help encourage children and families to be physically active and maintain a healthly lifestyle.  The Presidential Active Lifestyle and the ‘I Can Do It You Can Do It’ Awards have been incorporated into Netball America’s ‘Let’s Move the Youth’ initiatives, including the Women’s Sports Foundation GoGirlGo! Program; is being rolled out to members across the nation; and encouraging our schools, community centers, parks and recs and YMCAs to participate in this program.  This program can reinforce healthy habits within an entire school or community – not just with students.  Parents, teachers, and administrators can earn their Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, too.  Graduates from the program will receive a certificate signed by the President as well as the lifestyle award patch.  Click here for the press release.


Summer CampsNetball America Youth Enrichment

Netball America conducts various summer camps across the country. These can be daily or week long camps. We recently conducted camps for the New York City Housing Authority and various YMCA’s.

Let’s Move the Youth

A Netball America youth enrichment program designed to positively influence the lifes of youth in the USA. This program helps promote self-confidence, communication skills, teamwork, fitness, health and hygiene. Our initiative is being rolled out to youth throughout Atlanta and Seattle, with plans to expand this program across the USA.

Schools and Colleges

During the year, Netball America presents at various teacher conferences and school education days.  Our experienced presentors provide an interactive session which caters to the needs of either teachers or students.

Please contact us if you would like us to present at your conference or host a Netball clinic in your area.

Benefits of Netball

  • Netball is an all inclusive sport, can be played by females and males of all ages, and a wide range of positions allows for different skill levels
  • Cost efficient sport and minimal equipment needed
  • Maintains a competitive yet non aggressive environment
  • A true team sport as the ball must be passed from one player to another in order to move the ball down the court
  • Self esteem and confidence is built through team work required, and players owning their own ‘position’ on court

For Basic Netball Rules and Positions click here.

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