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Netball America for TeachersWelcome and thank you so much for your interest in teaching NETBALL to your students.   As lifelong Netball participants, we can validate that you are both instructing an active education lesson through NETBALL and your students are learning important life skills that are inherently a part of this sport – which is what makes it so unique and special.

Contact us today to schedule netball session for your teachers and/or students today.  We also will be happy to present at your regional conference or continuing professional education day.


Supporting TeachersLife skills include:

  • Teamwork – Netball is the ultimate team sport – the game simply will not work without the inclusion of the whole team – no one player can exclusively alter the game.
  • Self Esteem – Players build confidence and self esteem as they develop their skills by “owning” their position on the court and doing their job for the team.
  • Decision Making – Switching intentional focus, identifying space on court and making best decisions, ie in passing the ball.
  • Fitness – Netball is an energetic fast paced game with positions suitable for all sizes and ability levels.
  • Safety – Netball is a non contact sport.  Game is controlled by 2 umpires.  Respect for officials and the opposition is part of the culture of the game.


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