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Netball and Special Olympics 2Special Olympics Netball is played internationally and Netball America is introducing it to intellectually disabled athletes across the USA.

Our work with the Special Olympics is to fulfill the mission of providing special needs athletes with opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympic athletes and the community.  Netball will also provide opportunities to individuals with cognitive disabilities who are not presently involved with Special Olympics.

“We are honored to have Netball America be asked to showcase Netball at various Special Olympic events.  The introduction of Netball to the Special Olympics will dramatically increase inclusion in the community by helping break down barriers that have historically kept people with and without cognitivie disabilities apart” – Kelli McShane, Vice-President of Olympics and International Relations for Netball America.

Special Olympics Netball rules are amended to give allowances for time in playing the ball, stepping and the distrance required for defending the ball.  Netball adheres to the Unified Sports Program guidelines.

 “After seeing a demonstration of the game by Netball America during a recent teachers conference we were intrigued about Netball and how it could work with intellectually disabled athletes in our organization.  Netball is quite unlike anything the athletes will have seen before and we hope they pick it up quickly and we can include it as an official sport in future games”.

– Mike Sullivan, Director of Outreach and Families, Special Olympics Texas

Netball America depends upon financial contributions and donations from individuals, corporations, and organizations to conduct these Special Olympic programs.  Make a contribution today.

Contact Kelli at olympics@netballamerica.com for further information or if you would like us to participate in any of your events.

Netball and Special Olympics 3Netball and Special Olympics 4

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