Membership is $10 per individual.  For U/21’s, membership is $5 per individual.  Membership runs a year from sign-up.

If you would like to be covered under our national insurance policy, it is $20 per individual per year and expires 1 year from payment of the $20 (note – your Netball America membership needs to be current in order to apply for insurance coverage).  Click here to register.  National insurance policy covers: General Aggregate $2,000,000; Products-Comp/Op Agg $2,000,000; Personal & adv injury $1,000,000; Each occurrence $1,000,000, Fire damage $300,000; and Medical expenses (any one person) $5,000 – includes athletic participants.

If you are playing Netball at a facility and they want to be included as an additional insured on our policy then this costs $20 per location.  You have the option of selecting this at the link above and you will need to provide the name and address of the Company.

Go to our individual online registration form
– Fill out the member application and submit
– Once you have submitted your information a subscribe link will appear and take you to paypal to process your payment.
– After we receive your payment and process your information we will send you information on how to access member only areas of the website.

Proceed to our Club Registration,
-From there you will be able to download our club application (in *.xls format, you will be able to open with Microsoft Excel or most other spreadsheet programs )
-Complete the information, save the file to include your  club name  and email to
-from the club registration you may enter your club name and proceed to our paypal. Where you may select how many memberships you will be purchasing.
* Remember you will need to select 1 membership for each applicant or we may not be able to process everyone on the list.


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