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trainingCoaches play an important role not only in the sporting life, but also the everyday life, of the participants they coach. Coaches should understand their role and responsibilities, and why people get involved in sport. They should also have an inclusive and balanced outlook to coaching, and know how to develop effective relationships with everyone involved.

We currently have positions open for paid and volunteer positions.  Please send your resume to

Netball America provides it coaches with valuable practical and theoretical training.  Contact us to sign up for this.

Why Become A Coach?

Imagine being a part of something that’s new to the USA. Here is your opportunity to get in at the grass roots level to develop the first level of American Netball athletes. No Netball experience is necessary, we’ll guide you through every step along the way. Whether you’re interested in coaching the youth, teenagers, adults or even at the representative or national level – there are plenty of opportunities for everyone.   Netball America also has several paid coaching positions available. Visit the careers page for further information.

Coaching Clinics

Netball America conducts  a variety of clinics and summer camps during the year to meet your needs.  We have access to the highest caliber coaches across the USA and internationally.  Please contact us if you’d like us to come to your school, university or conference to present a clinic.  We also conduct basic to advanced clinics for students and Netball clubs.  Are you an international coach wanting to gain experience in the USA, then please contact us.

Coaching Tips by NZ Silver Fern Vicki Wilsonvicki wilson2

Develop Core and Agility

Stand on one leg and hop forward on that leg.
While still standing on that one leg, do a lateral jump (sideways) and land on that same leg.  Be sure to stick the landing.
Continue for 30 seconds on that same leg, then build up to 1 minute.

Passing Skills

1. Have everyone stand facing a wall 3 meters (10 feet) away.  They will pass the ball to the wall.  The aim is to have the ball hit the wall every one second.  Start with passing the ball for 30 seconds and then have 1 minute off.  Eventually reduce time to 30 seconds passing and then 30 seconds break.  Perform all types of passes – left hand, right hand and chest pass.

2. Pair up players and have them face the wall the same way – one standing in front of the other.  The front person throws the ball and then moves to the side while the back person moves forward to catch the ball from the wall.  The ball is then thrown and this person then moves to the side while the back person catches it.  Do this rotation for 30 seconds, have 1 minute break and then continue.  Eventually reduce time to 30 seconds passing and then 30 seconds break.

USA National Coaching Program and Accreditation (NCPA)

Netball America has developed a unique coaching curriculum to serve the needs of Netball Coaches throughout the USA.  The NCPA was developed by top US and International Coaches and is the elite USA Netball Coaching Certification.

For more information on obtaining your NCPA, please email us.

For coaching drills and skills please refer to the members area of the site.

Useful Coaching Links

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Coaching Tips

Goal Shooting:

  1. Feet shoulder width apart. Well balanced.
  2. Ball placed in one hand, fingers well spread. There should be a finger space between the palm and the ball.
  3. Hold ball high above the head, arm near ear and elbow pointing towards the post. Aim at the center of the ring.
  4. Arms and legs should bend at the same time.
  5. Shooting arm should drop 45 degrees, behind the head.
  6. On release of the ball, push up with the arms and legs at the same time and lift onto your toes.
  7. Follow through should be with wrist and fingers towards the goal ring.

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