For Parents



The most important thing parents can do is support their children.  If a child wants to play a sport, support their decision.  Joining a team encourages your child to be active, practice teamwork, and learn new skills.  Learning to play sports and being on a sports team is a part of growing up for many kids.  Youth sports present a great opportunity for parents to share experiences with their children. Parents cannot be at school and share those experiences with their children, but at games they see what goes on and can use the experience to connect with their children at home.

Parents can play an important role in youth sports.  There are different ways a parent can get involved in youth sports.  You can learn to be a coach or help support the coach (even if you don’t know what Netball is),  help manage the team, volunteer your services to be on the executive of the Netball club, or help raise donations or fundraise to support the growth of the club.


Encouragement is one of the most important roles of parents.   Youth sports can teach children many lessons including teamwork and learning to win or lose with respect.  Everyone has rough games, so it is important to encourage the child afterward.   When parents get too involved and show anger or other similar emotions after a loss or a poorly played game this can have adverse effects on the child.

Help for Parents

Netball America can provide assistance to parents in many ways.  Support can be provided to help with the setting up of a club, promotion, marketing materials, coaching as well as fundraising ideas.  Please email us for more information.

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