U.S. Open Netball Championships

2017 U.S.Open Netball ChampionshipsTM – New Orleans, Louisiana.  October 27th – 29th, 2017

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2016 U.S.Open Netball Championships – Los Angeles, California.  November 4th-6th, 2016.

Visit event home page and registration.

Only one spot remains for a ladies team.


Hotel registration link.  Early bird rates finish October 15th.

Stay up to date with event information on the U.S. Open Netball Championships Facebook page.  Follow us on twitter @usopennetball #usopennetball

View the full agenda here.  Download the tournament rules.

Participants can download waivers here.

Email: USOpen@NetballAmerica.com for inquiries.

2015 U.S.Open Netball America Championships – Dallas, Texas.  November 6th-8th, 2015.

US Open 2015 LogoThank you letter for all participants.



US Open Champions and Netball America Cup Winners – CANA NY Storm

Runner-Up – Los Angeles Waves Tidal

3rd Place – Los Angeles Waves Surf

4th Place – Gems, Lithonia, Georgia

5th Place – Chicago Netball Club, Chicago, Illinois

6th Place – US Force, Various states, USA

7th Place – Shooting Stars, Houston, Texas

8th Place – Santa Monica Spirits, Santa Monica, California


US Open Champions – Seattle Needles, Seattle, Washington

Runner-Up – Vancouver Comets, Vancouver, Canada

3rd Place – Dallas Dream, Dallas, Texas

4th Place – Philadelphia Longhorns, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Austin, Texas


US Open Champions – Tampa Bay Sparks, Tampa, Florida

Runner-Up – MINC Hurricanes, Manhattan, New York City

3rd Place – Islanders, Brooklyn, New York

4th Place – Renown, Toronto, Canada

5th Place – Katy Swifts Cannons, Katy, Texas

6th Place – Tampa Sparkle, Tampa, Florida

7th Place – Texas Lonestars, Houston, Texas

8th Place – TSC Omega Netballerz, Atlanta, Georgia

9th Place – Midwestern Islanders, Wichita, Texas

10th Place – Katy Swifts Jewels, Katy, Texas


Event was sold out!

Venue: Duncanville Fieldhouse, 1700 South Main Street, Duncanville, Texas, 75137.

View full 4 day agenda.

Team Pools and Brackets

Saturday Seeding Game Schedule

Sunday Playoff Schedule


Hotel is: Embassy Suites Dallas Market Center, 2727 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX, 75207

View last years program.



2014 CallidusCloud U.S. Open Netball America Championships – Miami, Florida.  November 7th-9th.  SOLD OUT AGAIN and LIVE STREAMING AVAILABLE!!

US Open Flyer Clickable 2014Welcome to the most prestigious and largest Netball event in the USA.  Click here for the event flyer and here for the press release.  VIEW EVENT PROGRAM.

Like the official U.S. Open Netball America Championships Facebook page.  Follow the official event twitter @usopennetball and #usopennetball.  Instagram us at Netball America  .Be sure to get your friends and family to watch the live streaming feed.  All scores will be posted real time using Interact Software.

Pre-order your tournament breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet meal ticket for only $8.  Purchase your meal ticket today.






Team Lists and Playoff Schedule
Friday November 7 and Saturday November 8, 2014
Sunday November 9, 2014


Saturday Celebration_Clipped

You can read about last years event here.

2013 CallidusCloud U.S. Open Netball America Championships – Atlanta, Georgia.  November 8-10, 2013.

Welcome to the most prestigious Netball event in the USA.  US Open Netball America Champs

This is an especially exciting year for us as it is our 5 year anniversary for Netball America.  The event was held in a state of the art venue located at McEachern High School, Atlanta, Georgia.

Event highlights:

  • Tournament played in a new 117,000 sq ft, 15 million dollar facility
  • 4 full sized Netball courts
  • Event travel agent assisted you with team flights, hotel reservations and other transportation needs
  • Qualified umpires and scorers officiated
  • Netball education and skill clinics for players, umpires and coaches with certified instructors
  • Certified masseuse, athletic trainer and medics
  • Drinks for participants at courts
  • A special Saturday evening function
  • Goody bags for all participants
  • USA Representative Netball Teams playoff against Alberta AllStars and the Caribbean AllStars teams

LIVE SCHEDULE proudly presented by Interact Sport – View all game results and stats here.  The shooting stats can be found under the menu Statistics>Player Statistics.


Ladies Division 1
1st place:
The Rockies – Alberta, Canada
2nd place: Los Angeles Waves – Los Angeles, California
3rd place tie: Wild Roses – Alberta, Canada and Gems – Atlanta, Georgia
5th place: Cana U/23, New York, New York
6th place: Crusaders ATL, Atlanta, Georgia
7th place: New York Flyers, New York, New York
8th place: Alpha Netball Club, McDonough, Georgia

Ladies Division II
1st place: Omega Netballerz – Stone Mountain, Georgia
2nd place: The Grizzlies – Alberta, Canada
3rd place: Cheetah Inngozi – Atlanta, Georgia
4th place: Shooting Stars – Houston, Texas
5th place tie: NY Thunderbirds – NY,NY and Lonestars, Houston, Texas
7th place: Panthers, Lovejoy, Georgia
8th place: The Flamingos – Nassau, Bahamas

1st place: Alpha Netball Club – McDonough, Georgia
2nd place: Liberties – NY, NY
3rd place: Purple Cobras – Alberta, Canada
4th place: Dallas Mixed – Dallas, Texas
5th place tie: South Africa Leopards – Atlanta, Georgia and Houston Mixed – Houston, Texas

2012 CallidusCloud U.S. Open Netball Championships – Las Vegas

WHAT AN AMAZING EVENT – NETBALL IN LAS VEGAS!!  Read about the 2012 CallidusCloud U.S. Open Netball Championships here held Nov. 9-11, 2012 in a state of the art venue located at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).


Ladies: #1 and the Netball America Cup Winners: South-East Strikers (Atlanta, Georgia); 2. Collegiate Team USA (Georgia, Michigan, New York & Utah); 3. LA Waves (Los Angeles, California); 4. Devils (Las Vegas, Nevada); 5. Seals (San Diego, California); 6. Shooting Stars (Houston, Texas); 7. Spirits (Santa Monica, California); 8. Comets (Thousand Oaks, California); and 9. Cougars (Honolulu, Hawaii).

Mixed: #1. Redballers (San Mateo, California); 2. Emerald Netballers (Seattle, Washington); 3. Shuttles (Houston, Texas); 4. Liberty Bells (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania); 5. Seattle Needles (Seattle, Washington); 6. Sharks (San Diego, California).


Ladies: #1 Brothers Netball Club (Rockhampton, Australia); 2. South-East Strikers (Atlanta, GA); 3. Collegiate Team USA (Atlanta GA, Ann Arbor MI, New York NY & Salt Lake City, Utah); 4. Lady Bluebirds (Bermuda); 5. Wild Roses (Calgary, Canada); 6. LA Waves (Los Angeles, CA); 7. Team Alberta (Calgary, Canada); 8. Devils (Las Vegas, NV); 9. Seals (San Diego, CA); 10. Shooting Stars (Houston, TX); 11. Spirits (Santa Monica, CA); 12. Sonics (Houston, TX); 13. Comets (Thousand Oaks, CA); 14. Cougars (Honolulu, HI).

Mixed: #1 Uncut Diamonds (Brisbane, Australia); 2. Purple Cobras (Calgary, Canada); 3. Redballers (San Mateo, CA); 4. Emerald Netballers (Seattle, WA); 5. Shuttles (Houston, TX); 6. Liberty Bells (Philadephia, PA); 7. Seattle Needles (Seattle, WA); 8. Sharks (San Diego, CA).

Top Shooting Stats: Mixed: Adam Zemski 91.96% with 51 goals (Uncut Diamonds); Romeo Fetuli 80.53% with 120 goals (Redballers); and Siulolo Tapueluelu (Redballers)  78.24% with 146 goals.

Ladies: Amee Brown 88.56% with 45 goals (Brothers); Danielle Raynor 83.11% with 131 goals (Lady Bluebirds); Juanita Hill 82.55% with 168 goals (Brothers); and Stacy Ross 78.85% with 149 goals (South-East Strikers).


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For further information send an email here and let them know Netball America sent you.  You can also visit the event website here.  There will be an Air New Zealand Rep at the event to answer your questions, so be sure to stop by their booth.

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2011 U.S National Championships

On Saturday November 5, 2011, Netball America and Nashville Kangaroos hosted 19 teams from a record number of 7 States (California, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, New York, Texas & Washington), at the USA Netball Championships at NCAA A-Game facility, Tennessee.  The tournament consisted of Ladies, Men’s, Mixed and U/18’s who competed for the National Championship in their category.  Click here for the official event program (large PDF, please be patient). Women Sport Report covered the event here.

Congratulations to the following:

  • Crusaders from NY for taking home the American National Championship Title.
  • Georgia Elite – Mixed National Champions.
  • Houston Shooting Stars – U/18 National Champions.
  • Nashville Kangaroos – National Mens Champions.
  • Crusaders Atlanta as the winners of the Netball America Cup (highest performing member team).

MVPs were awarded to the following:

  • Ladies – Kirsty Deathe (Chicago Black)
  • Mixed – Al MacGlashen (Chicago Mixed)
  • U/18 – Marritt Meerdink (Houston Shooting Stars)
  • Mens – Clint Milner (Nashville Kangaroos)

Also, the Netball America East Coast Jaguars took home the USA representative team trophy.

A big thank you to event performers: Jane Leinecker; Season 7 American Idol Finalist Michael Johns along with Stephen Rowe & Band, featuring tAtu guitarist Troy MacCubbin, Dutch Suoninen, and Jeff “Shakey” Fowlkes.

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