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Sponsor Opportunities

Netball America partners and sponsors share our brand values. We are a trusted organization working with well recognized corporations and communities around the USA. As a partner, a relationship with Netball America will establish significant brand awareness to many key demographic gropus, energize demand for your products and offer the opportunity to be favorably associated with high profile events.  As a Netball America Partner, you will be one of an exclusive group that will have the unique opportunity create brand affinity through direct assocation at a variety of prestigious events.  This also includes ability to attract new consumers as well as sales to our members.

Netball America is seeking partnerships with businesses and organizations to help promote our many exciting events, including showcases at large arenas like Staples Center, community involvement events, teacher conferences and USA National and Representative Teams.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your company about forming a mutual beneficial partnership.  For more information check out our calendar of events and email us.

Sponsorship and Partnership PackagesStaples Center

Our customized partnership opportunities offers packages at various levels. Sponsors and Partners can support the World University Netball Championship, the annual U.S. Open and other exhibition events at large sporting arenas around the USA with access to crowds of 8,000+, including community events such as summer camps, teachers conferences, education and fitness clinics – such as our Be An Inspiration Program.

Each Netball America relationship is individually structured to best meet the company’s objectives and Netball America’s needs. These relationships combine cash and product donations, in-kind contributions, and marketing support. To discuss building a successful package, contact us.

How Can You Make a Difference Now?

There are many different programs in which you can support:

  • Youth Enrichment Initiatives
  • Special Olympics Programs
  • Community Center & School Programs
  • Showcase Programs
  • Team USA Programs

Support can be provided in a variety of ways: providing water at any of these events; tshirts for participants to wear; product giveaways at these events; uniforms for participants, equipment to use at these events and cash donations. Sponsor collateral/ branding available too.

For more information about these programs click here.

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